All About Mii

my blog is filled with lite-devotionals, some thoughts, just stuff from my world


Hi, welcome to my blog.   This blog is for my thoughts and encouragement.   I like a good read, so this blog isn’t just for me to read..its for anyone that wishes to take a few moments to think or ponder on something that I hope is worthwhile.  🙂     
btw- my name is mary, i live in Indiana with my husband of 25 yrs. i work in an elementary school as a teacher and a director of children’s games and activities. it’s not all fun & games, we allow time for homework.   i also work as a tutor..i create games to help with spelling, building sentences, and math.  i get great enjoyment out of my work.   the most fun i have is to see  joy in the faces of the children as they learn. 🙂

i am happy that you have decided to drop by.   

Happy New Year!   Mary (mii)




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