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is it read..or red?

my favorite author has got to be Liz Curtis Higgs.   i would laugh until i cried, reading the book “help I’m laughing and I can’t get up”.. and “One size fits all”.   Really great books to read over and over again.   I’m more of a short story person, although I have read more lengthy novels in the past…its like i can’t seem to settle myself down to just read.    i feel like if i sit and read, i won’t accomplish much.    hmmm… mii thinks i need to re-think this a little more… what do i accomplish in a normal day?   well…heh…not much.   toss in some laundry to be washed, clean up the kitchen, watch some tv… surf the internet.    and then there are days i pour candles..(when i get orders)…right now I’m taking a break in candle making… all the orders i did receive are finished.  so now i can relax, right.    okay…the next time i feel like there’s nothing more to be done, nothing good on tv, or the internet…. i will make myself curl up with a good book…only this time, read the book a friend sent to me.   sisterchicks~ by robin jones gunn.   sounds like a good read. or is that red?


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